Surveybot supports various merge fields that you can embed in to your question's text or messages.


The syntax for the merge fields is *|FIELD|*

Default Fields

By default Surveybot populates the following fields on the respondents profile from Facebook:

  • FNAME - First name
  • LNAME - Last name
  • TIMEZONE - Timezone
  • GENDER - Gender

Answer Fields

Surveybot also supports other fields that you can populate by linking answers to questions to the fields. Once the question has been answered the answer is saved to the field in the respondent profile. The fields are:

  • EMAIL - Email address
  • PHONE_NUMBER - Phone number
  • MOBILE_NUMBER - Mobile number
  • DATE_OF_BIRTH - Date of birth
  • HOME_ADDRESS - Home address
  • RELATIONSHIP_STATUS - Relationship stats
  • OCCUPATION - Occupation

Custom Fields

You can also create custom fields from the Panel page for your Facebook page. Custom fields have a "key" that can also be used to merge the values in to your question's text and messages.

To learn how to do this, watch the video below:

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