6. Preview your Survey

How to preview your survey inside messenger.

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This article is part of a series for Getting Started. We recommend you follow the previous steps before doing this step. You can see all of the Getting Started articles here.

Now that we have added some questions and messages to our survey we should preview it inside messenger before we send it out to our audience.

To start, from the "Design" page click on the "Preview Survey" button.

Because this is your first time previewing a survey with Surveybot you will need to "Opt in".

Click on the "Send in messenger" button inside the "Opt in" modal dialog.

NOTE: If the 'Send to messenger' opt in button does not appear see this help article - I can't see the button

If you do not already have Messenger open and you do not want to preview it on your phone click on the link that appears in the alert.

Once you're happy with your survey after previewing it we can move on to the next step.ย 

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