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8. Re-engage Respondents that Do Not finish
8. Re-engage Respondents that Do Not finish

How to set up re-engagement rules

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This article is part of a series for Getting Started. We recommend you follow the previous steps before doing this step. You can see all of the Getting Started articles here.

This step enables you to re-engage respondents that do not complete the survey. This is done by setting up re-engagement rules with a message to send to the respondent at specified periods ie. 1 day after starting.

The video below shows you how that's done. Prefer reading? Just scroll down.

Re-engagement Rules

1. Re-engage After "x" Day(s) 

By default there is a rule auto-populated so all you need to do is select "1" in the "days of starting survey" dropdown.

To re-engage after "2" days:

1. Click "Add another rule"

2. Select "2" from the "days of starting survey" dropdown.

You can also change the text in the re-engagement message. Enter your message in the "Re-engagement message" text box.

Once you have setup your re-engagement rules click "Proceed to campaigns" to save and go to the next step.

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