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Connect your Survey to your Facebook Page
Connect your Survey to your Facebook Page

How to connect to your Facebook page or change page

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If you haven't already connected your own Facebook page to your Survey or you want to change the page that your Survey is connected to here are the steps to do this.

1. Open the Survey and navigate to the "Design" tab for the Survey. Or from the "Surveys" page click on "Design" for the survey.

2. From the Design page go to the "Settings" sub tab.

3. Under "Do you want to use your own Facebook page for your survey?" select "Yes".

4. If you didn't already sign up with Facebook connect your Facebook account.

To do this:
Click on "Connect my Facebook account".

Once your Facebook account is connected you can select your pages from the dropdown menu.

5. If you need to create a new page.

Click "Create a new page". This will open up Facebook to create your new Facebook page.

Once you've created your Facebook page inside Facebook come back to Surveybot and click "Sync my pages".

Then your new Facebook page will appear in the dropdown list.

7. Once you've selected the Facebook page click on "Save Settings" to complete.

Congrats! You can now start surveying via Facebook! πŸ™Œ

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