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5. Add a Finish Message to your Survey.
5. Add a Finish Message to your Survey.

How to send a final message to your respondents using logic.

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This article is part of a series for Getting Started. We recommend you follow the previous steps before doing this step. You can see all of the Getting Started articles here.

Now that we've setup our questions and messages for this survey we're going to add a final message to complete the survey.

First, drag the "+ Message" button to the end of your survey:

Next enter the text for this final message in to the "Message Text":

In this scenario because we used another message for respondents that were not customers, we only want to show this message for the respondents who were customers. Therefore, we're going to add some "Only Send" logic to this question.ย 

  1. Select the "Logic" tab for the message then the "Send Logic" sub tab:

2. Now we'll setup the logic to send the message:

Under "Answered Question" select the second question.

Under "Answer" in the text field enter the answer "Yes I have".

3. Click on "Save Message" in the message to save it:

That's how you add a finish message to the end of your survey. ๐Ÿ‘

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