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4. Set Up Logic to Map your Survey Questions
4. Set Up Logic to Map your Survey Questions

How to use Send and Skip Logic to improve your survey.

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This article is part of a series for Getting Started. We recommend you follow the previous steps before doing this step. You can see all of the Getting Started articles here.

The video below shows you how to use logic to map survey questions. Prefer reading? Just scroll down.

Now that we have some initial questions we'll add some logic to the survey questions. To make it easy we'll add some more questions to showcase how different logic in Surveybot works.

Send Logic

To begin, we're going to add "Send Logic" to a new question. In this scenario, if the respondent chooses "Other" to Question 3 they will be sent this question to specify their answer.

  1. Drag the "+ Question" button in to the position of Question 4 to add a new question:

2. Change the "Question Type" to "Text":

3. Enter your text for this question:

4. Select the "Logic" tab for this question then select the "Send Logic" sub tab:

5. Now on the Send Logic tab add your First "Condition":

  • In the "Answered Question" dropdown select "Question 3".

  • In the "Answer" dropdown select "Contains".

  • In the "Answer" text field enter "Other".

6. Now click "Save Question" within the question.

Skip Logic

Skip or "Jump" logic enables you to specify the next question to go to in the survey either based on the answer the respondent enters/selects or to skip after the respondent answers your question regardless of the answer.

For this scenario we're going to add a question and a message to jump to. First we'll add the message to jump to.

  1. Drag the "+ Message" button to the end of the survey:

2. Enter the text for your new Message:

3. Save your message by click the "Save Message" button inside the new message:

4. Now we're going to add our question in to position 2 inside our survey.

Drag the "+ Question" button in to position 2:

5. Enter your text for the new question:

6. Now we'll enter the text for the multiple choice options. Because this question only has 2 options we'll remove the third default option:

7. We'll now add our skip logic to the second option "No I haven't":

Then, select the "Settings" icon to the right of the second option.

In the "When pressed skip to.." dropdown select the message we previously added.

Click "Done".

8. Now click on "Save Question" inside the new question.

Pheww! ๐Ÿ˜… ย That's a brief intro to using logic inside your surveys. You can add logic to any of your questions and messages that you have through out your survey.

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