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What is the difference between Quick Replies and Buttons
What is the difference between Quick Replies and Buttons
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Quick Replies

Quick Replies are buttons that are placed horizontally at the bottom of the screen. The text content inside a Quick Reply button is the content that is sent back to the bot when that button is pressed.

Key Points

  • Placed horizontally at bottom of screen

  • Disappear once an option is pressed

  • Can have up to 11 options

  • Each option is limited to 20 text characters

  • If the total length of the quick replies is bigger than the width of the screen the respondent can scroll horizontally to see the other quick replies

See below for how Quick replies looks on a mobile phone.


Buttons are used on a few different message types which are Text cards, Cards and Galleries. They can also be used when creating a campaign welcome message. Buttons appear directly below the message and are attached to the message.

Key Points

  • A maximum of 3 buttons can be attached to a message.

  • The text in the button is limited to 20 characters long.

  • Buttons are placed vertically below the message in a list format.

  • Can be used for multiple purposes: An action ie. start the campaign; Open a website url; Share some content ie. share the current survey with friends

  • Unlike Quick Replies, when a button is pressed, it does not disappear.

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