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Now that you've created your survey and your welcome message we can start adding questions to the survey.

There are a number of different question types but for now we'll just add a number input, multiple choice, text input question. For examples, of the other question types take a look here - Question Types.

First, to add a new question, click on the "+ Question" button.

If you want to add your question to another part of the survey you can also drag and drop the question in to position. (See example below).

How to add a "Number" question.

To do this:

  1. Select "Number" from the "Question Type" drop down.

2. Enter your text for the question.

3. Click on the "Save Question" button inside the question.

Well done! Let's do another. 

How to add a "Multiple Choice" question.

1. Click on the "+ Question" button. 

2. By default the question type is "Multiple Choice", so we'll go ahead and enter some text for this question. 

3. Now we'll need to add our options. To begin with let's enter text in to the 3 default options.

4. Now we'll add another couple of options.
To do this:

  • Click on "+ Option"

  • Then, Enter some text for the option.

  • Repeat previous steps to add another option.

When finished, click on the "Save Question" button inside this question.

How to add a "Text Input" question. 

1. Click on the "+ Question" button.

2. From the Question Type, dropdown select "Text"

3. Enter your text for the question. 

4. Click on the "Save Question" button inside this question.

Next we'll setup some logic for our questions >>

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