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The Campaigns step gives you all the tools you need to recruit panel subscribers and get responses for your survey. 

*Note: People are automatically subscribed to your panel once they answer one of your surveys.

Below is an overview of what each campaign type does and the other methods. To set up any of the campaigns you can click on the links to the tutorials for them.

Facebook Ads

With the Facebook Ads campaign you can use Facebook Ads to promote your survey and automatically launch it when someone clicks on the Ad. To setup a Facebook Ads campaign, first you need to setup a Facebook Ad campaign for your survey inside Surveybot. Then you'll need to setup an Ad campaign inside the "Facebook Ads Manager" in Facebook.

The videos below shows you how it's done. Prefer reading? Click here:  Using Facebook Ads to promote your Surveys

Facebook Posts

 With Facebook Posts you can create a Facebook Post to post to your wall inside survey. The post will link to your survey. 

The videos below shows you how it's done. Prefer reading? Click here:  Using Facebook Ads to promote your Surveys

Send Direct via Messenger 

This is the best way to get responses for your surveys. However in order to use this type of campaign, first you must acquire subscribers to your Facebook Page panel inside Surveybot.

Whenever a respondent answers one of your surveys they are automatically subscribed to your panel. What this means is that you must first run your surveys using other methods to accumulate your panel members before you can send your surveys directly over Messenger.

The video below shows you how that's done. Prefer reading? Click here:  Sending surveys direct over Facebook Messenger

With Web Links you can directly link to your survey on the web. There are 2 types of links a "Short url" and a "Long Url". Both do the same thing but the "Short url" is better for sharing.

The video below shows how it works. 


This allows you to prompt a respondent to start another survey after they have completed a previous "trigger" survey. You can set up delays so the follow on survey isn't sent immediately. 

Messenger Codes 

These are codes that can be scanned using the camera inside the Messenger app. Each survey has it's own unique code. When the respondent scans the code it will start the survey automatically. Messenger Codes are great for getting responses from "offline" places ie. inside a restaurant.

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