Facebook Posts are a great way to promote your Surveys to your audience on Facebook before they have connected with your Surveybot.

Surveybot Facebook Posts campaigns are an easy way to create Facebook Posts that link to your Survey inside Messenger. You can also setup your Facebook Posts to auto start your survey when someone comments on the post.

The video below shows you how to create a Facebook post campaign. Prefer reading? Just scroll down.

  1. Open the "Campaigns" page from the top menu.

2. If this is your first time click on "Facebook Post", otherwise click on "Create Campaign", then select "Facebook Post".

3. If you haven't already authorized your Facebook account to create Facebook Posts campaigns click on "Authorize my Facebook account".

4. Next enter the "Name" for this campaign and select the survey you want to promote.

5. Now we're on the "Design" step of your setup. We're going to create a new Facebook Post. If you already have a post you can also select an existing post.

First we'll enter the "Text" for the post.
Note: the "SURVEY_LINK" merge field must be inside the text. This is the link to start the survey and must be inside the post otherwise respondents won't be able to start the survey.

6. Optionally you can also add an "Image" to your Facebook Post. Upload an image if you want to do this.

7. Auto start from comments, if you want to use the autostart from comments feature then select "Yes". This means that when someone comments on the post they will be sent a message to start the survey.

8. The "Start Keyword" is used to start the survey inside Messenger after the respondent has written a comment. They must send the keyword to the bot in order for the survey to start.

9. The "Auto message" is sent to the respondent when they comment on the post asking them to start the survey. You will need to mention your "Start Keyword" in this message so the respondent knows to start.

10. Once you've setup your post click "Proceed to Publish".

11. If you want to delay when the post goes live under "Start date" select the time you want the post to go live.

12. Click "Publish campaign" to publish the post to Facebook.

Now your Facebook Post is Live! From the Campaigns page you can review how it's perform to see what the response conversion rate is like for survey respondents coming from your post.

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