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Sending Surveys Directly over Facebook Messenger
Sending Surveys Directly over Facebook Messenger
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Sending surveys direct to your respondents over Messenger is the most effective way to reach your audience with your Chatbot surveys.

In order to do this your respondents must first "connect" with your chatbot. Respondents connect whenever they answer a survey. This means that a respondent must to an initial survey or send a message to your bot before they are connected.

To see who has connected to your bot take a look at "Panels". 

To get people to connect with your bot there are a number of methods you can use. Take a look at the "Campaigns" guides here - Campaigns

The video below shows you how that's done. Prefer reading? Just scroll down.


1. Navigate to the "Campaigns" page from the top menu.

2. Click on "Create campaign" and select "Send direct to Panel".

3. Enter a "Name" for your campaign and select the survey.

4. Select who you want to send the survey to. If you don't want to send the survey to all subscribers then select "A saved segment" or "A new segment".

If you want to know how to create a Panel Segment check out the article here - Creating segments for your Panel

5. Next we're going to setup how the survey will start when we send it. There are 2 options for this:

In this case we'll go with option 2 and design a new message to start the survey.

6. Select the type of message you want to use to start the campaign.

In this case we'll just do the "Text" message. If you want to use any of the others you'll need to upload the content to go with the message.

7. Enter the Text for your message.

8. To start the survey you either need to provide a "Quick Reply" button or a "Normal" button. You can configure your message to have either by selecting your choice under "Start campaign using".

You can see the different between Quick Replies and Buttons here - What's the difference between Quick Replies and Buttons

7. Now you need to enter your text for your action(s). It is required that you have text for the action to start the campaign. Optionally you can also add text for a second button to give the respondent the option to start the campaign later on. Enter your text in to the "Start button text" field.

8. In this case we'll also add text to the "Deny button text" field. This is to cover the case where the respondent doesn't want to do the survey right away we can re-engage them to do it later.

9. Next you need to specify your starting point for the survey. This is important because if you already have a "Welcome Message" at the start of your survey, you'll want to skip this message. This is because now you have a new welcome message for the campaign. Under "Start survey from" select the first question which comes after the survey welcome message.

10. Now proceed to the next step to save your campaign message.

11. In this final step you can review the previous settings and either schedule your campaign to send later on or to send right now.

If you want to schedule later select a time in the "Start date" field.

12. Then click on "Schedule campaign".

Now your Survey has been scheduled to send directly to your respondents. You can track the performance of your campaign at any time from the "Campaigns" page.

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