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Using Facebook Ads to Promote your Surveys
Using Facebook Ads to Promote your Surveys
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Facebook Ads are an effective way to get responses to your Surveybot surveys.

You can connect your ads directly to your Surveybot surveys so that they automatically launch inside Facebook chat when the respondent clicks on the ad. This is more effective than traditional web surveys as it doesn't take the respondent outside of Facebook.

The video below shows you how that's done. Prefer reading? Just scroll down.

Surveybot Campaign

This section outlines the steps to setup the campaign for the survey inside Surveybot.

1. Open the "Campaigns" page from the top menu.

2. If this is your first time click on "Facebook Ad", otherwise click on "Create Campaign" then select "Facebook Ad".

3. Enter a Name for your campaign, select your Survey from the dropdown and click "Proceed to Design".

4. Because we're initiating our bot from a Facebook Ad we need to setup a message that will start the survey after the respondent has clicked on the ad.

Select the type of message you want to use to start the campaign.

In this case we'll just do the text message. If you want to use any of the others you'll need to upload the content to go with the message.

5. Enter the text for your message.

6. To start the survey you either need to provide a "Quick Reply" button or a "Normal" button. You can configure your message to have either by selecting your choice under "Start campaign using".

You can see the different between Quick Replies and Buttons here - What's the difference between Quick Replies and Buttons

7. Now you need to enter your text for your action(s). It is required that you have text for the action to start the campaign. Optionally you can also add text for a second button to give the respondent the option to start the campaign later on. Enter your text in to the "Start button text" field.

8. Next you need to specify your starting point for the survey. This is important because if you already have a "Welcome Message" at the start of your survey, you'll want to skip this message. This is because now you have a new welcome message for the campaign. Under "Start survey from" select the first question which comes after the survey welcome message.

9. Now proceed to the next step to save your campaign message then follow the instructions below.

Facebook Ads Manager Campaign

This section outlines the steps to setup your Facebook Ad and connect it to the Surveybbot survey inside the Facebook Ads Manager.

1. Now that you're on the "Publish" step of your campaign setup click on the "Open Facebook Ads Manager" button.

2. Now we're inside the Facebook Ads Manager. Choose the "Traffic" marketing objective and enter a name for your campaign.

3. Under Traffic select "Messenger" as your destination:

4. Next choose your Audience, Placements and Budget then click "Continue"

5. Choose the Page that you created your survey for. NOTE: This will be your own Facebook Page not the Surveybot page.

6. At the advert level, choose your format. You can choose Carousel, Single Image, Single Video or Slideshow format.

7. Next do your "Advert Setup". This includes the text in your advert as well as the call to action button.

8. Now under "Messenger Content" is where we need to connect the Ad Campaign with Surveybot. Firstly select the "JSON creation" tab.

9. This is where we're going to paste in the JSON code that was generated for your campaign inside Surveybot. Go back in to Surveybot at the "Publish" step of your campaign and copy the JSON code.

10. Then go back to the Facebook Ads manager setup and paste the code in to the "JSON creation" box overwriting the existing code that's in there.

11. Now before we complete the campaign setup let's test that it's working. To the right of "Messenger Content" you'll see "Messenger Preview". Click on the button to the right and then select "Preview in Messenger". This will send the campaign message to you to start the survey as though you clicked on the ad.

12. Once you're happy it works click on the "Confirm" button inside the Facebook Ads manager.

13. Then go back in to Surveybot and click on the "Publish" button to complete your campaign setup.

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