3. Add a Welcome Message

How to greet your respondent and give context to your survey

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This article is part of a series for Getting Started. We recommend you follow the previous steps before doing this step. You can see all of the Getting Started articles here.

You should always start your survey with a "Welcome Message". This is just a message at the start of your survey which welcomes the respondent and gives some context to your survey.

1. Now that you are in the "Design" section of the Survey builder you will see 3 panes.

  1. To the left is your selection of different objects that you can add to your survey.

  2. In the middle are the questions and messages that you can add to your survey.

  3. To the right is the Question/Message preview which shows what your questions and messages will look like inside Messenger as you add them to your survey.

2.  In the middle you will see a blank message already created. This is your Welcome Message. To get started enter some text in the "Message Text".

Tip: If you want to address the respondent by their first name you can use the merge field *|FNAME|*. You can see all of the available merge fields here  - What Merge Fields can I use?

Next, we recommended you use "Quick Replies" to prompt the respondent to start the survey rather than jump right in to it. See below for how Quick Replies look inside Messenger.

To allow quick replies, select "Yes" under "Do you want to add quick replies to this message?"

Then, enter your text to start the survey in the first option.

Once you are happy with your Welcome Message click on the "Save Message" button inside the message.

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