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The Logic step gives you some options to configure how your survey behaves in your bot. (If you don't want to set these up now you can still change them later on.)

Logic Options

Auto start – This means that when someone opens a conversation with your bot inside Messenger for the first time, it will automatically start this survey.

Revisit survey – This determines what happens when someone who already started or completed this survey revisits. Each of the options will do the following:

  • Start the survey from where they left off - this option goes back to the position in the survey the respondent was before leaving. This option means that if the respondent has already completed their survey they will not be able to do it again.

  • Restart the persons original survey from the beginning - this option does exactly as it says and will restart the original survey the respondent has either started or completed already.

  • Start a new survey for the person - this option will start a completely new survey for the respondent.

  • Start a new survey if the person enters a restart keyword or trigger keyword - this option will start a completely new survey for the respondent if they enter the restart keyword you have setup. This will only start a new survey if the respondent has already completed the original survey.

Restart keyword - this keyword is used to restart the survey from the beginning. If the respondent is part way through the survey and they want to start again, by entering this keyword the survey will restart.

Anonymous - this option enables you to anonymise the responses for your survey. This means that you won't be able to see the true identity of your respondents ie. their names and any contact information like email addresses.

End on invalid answer - this option works as a fallback for when you want to manually message the respondents over messenger if they get stuck or actually want to speak with you about something else. As soon as they enter an invalid answer to the survey question they will be paused and the survey will no longer continue.

Limit individual responses - this option enables you to limit the number of surveys that a respondent can submit for this survey if you want to allow them to answer the survey more than once.

You can change any of these settings and more later on from the DesignLogic page.

Next we'll setup some re-engagement rules to follow up when respondents don't complete the survey >>

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