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The video below shows you how to re-engage with employees. Prefer reading? Just scroll down.

This step enables you to re-engage employees that do not complete the survey when they first started it. This is done by setting up re-engagement rules with a message to send to the employee at specified periods ie. 1 day after starting the survey.

Setting up Re-engagement Rules

Re-engage after 1 Day: By default there is a rule auto-populated so all you need to do is select "1" in the "days of starting survey" dropdown.

Re-engage After Quiet Time: This ensures that Surveybot doesn’t send messages to the employee during this time frame.

For example, if the employee starts the survey at 6pm in the evening but doesn’t finish it Surveybot won’t message her at 6pm the next day. Instead Surveybot will wait until the Quiet time has finished which in this case the Quiet time will be outside of business hours.

This step is optional so if you want to use it then select your start and end time for your Quiet time period.

Re-engage After 2 Days: 

First, click "Add another rule"

Then, Select "2" from the "days of starting survey" dropdown.

For this rule let's change the message. To do this enter your message in the "Re-engagement message" text box.

For this rule let’s also change the options that will be send with the message. There are 2 options, one is to resume the survey and the other is to deny resuming.

That’s the basics of re-engaging employees. This section is optional and you can add/configure your re-engagement rules at any time.

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