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How to integrate Surveybot with Zapier
How to integrate Surveybot with Zapier
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It's easy to share information you collect from your surveys on Surveybot with other applications using Zapier. With this integration, you can automatically add survey respondents to your CRM, send follow-up emails, and organize collected data in any of the tools you use in your business.

Surveybot offers numerous Zap templates, allowing you to connect Surveybot to the most popular apps in just a few clicks.

Follow these steps to set up the integration:

  1. Log in to your Zapier account or create a new account.

  2. Navigate to "Connected Accounts" from the top menu.

  3. Now click on "Connect new account" and search for "Surveybot"

  4. You will be prompted to enter in your API key. To generate your API key, go to the Data API page in your Surveybot account.

  5. Under API Key click "Enter password" and enter in your password.

  6. Your API key is displayed. Copy and paste it in the Zapier screen.

  7. Now you can start creating automations! Use a pre-made Zap or create your own with the Zap Editor.

  8. Need inspiration? See everything that's possible with Surveybot and Zapier.

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