This article explains how to use live chat with your customers and audience in Facebook by using Messenger with your Facebook page while at the same time using Surveybot. By default all of your Surveybot conversations will appear in your Page Inbox which can make things a bit messy and hard to deal with.

Here are the steps to hide the active bot conversations from Page Inbox below. Whenever someone sends a message to your page and Surveybot doesn't handle it, their message will appear within your Page Inbox.

The video below explains how to do this. Prefer reading? Just scroll down. 

Part 1 - Surveybot Steps

  1. From within Surveybot navigate to 'Bots' and select your bot.

2. Select the Settings tab.

3. Configure the option 'How do you want this bot to behave?' to be 'As a customer service chat with a Surveybot'.

4. Click 'Save'.

Part 2 - Facebook Steps

1. Open your Facebook page inside Facebook.

2. Select 'Settings' at the top right.

3. Select 'Messenger platform' from the left side menu.

4. Scroll down to 'Subscribed Apps' and you should see 'Surveybot' and 'Page Inbox' in the list.

5. Next to 'Surveybot' select 'Primary Receiver'.

6. Next to 'Page Inbox' select 'Secondary Receiver'.

7. Click 'Save'.

That's it, now your bot conversations won't appear inside the Facebook Page inbox unless the respondent sends a message which is not handled by the bot.

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