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How do I set up quotas for my surveys?
How do I set up quotas for my surveys?

Learn how to make quotas, which show you how certain segments of your audience are responding to your surveys.

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If you go into one of your individual surveys, you may have noticed that there is a quota feature on the summary page. This can be used to analyse your data by creating a target focused specifically on one group based on profile attributes, whether they've completed other surveys of yours, or the answers they've given to previous surveys. For instance, you might want to specifically look at how many people who live in San Francisco are responding to your survey.

The feature allows you to choose whether you want the quotum to show the data as a percentage of all the survey responses, or as the exact number of responses you have received from your target group. You can also set a target amount for your quotum, for instance if you wanted 80% of your respondents to be from San Francisco.

Once you set up your quotum, it will appear on the summary page of your survey looking something like the image below, which can be a helpful snapshot of who is answering your survey.

For more information and help on using quota, check out our quick tips video below.

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