Currently there is a bug in Facebook that prevents new Facebook pages from automatically appearing in Surveybot.  You can track the status of this bug here.This article gives the steps to work around this bug to ensure that your new Facebook pages appear in Surveybot.

1. From within Facebook go to Settings > Business Integrations or follow this link -

2. Find Surveybot in the list of business integrations - select it and click on "Remove"

3. Confirm the removal of Surveybot by clicking "Remove" in the confirmation dialog.

4. Now we're going to install Surveybot in to your account again. Navigate to the authentication link here -

5. Accept all the permissions from Facebook presented to you in the link for Surveybot.

6. Now from within Surveybot, navigate to "Bots" and click on the "Sync my pages" button located to the top right of the page.

That's it, now your new Facebook page will appear within Surveybot listed as a Bot.

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