From July 31st 2019 you will need to apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging if you want to send surveys to your Messenger subscribers outside of Facebooks 24 + 1 policy.

The 24 + 1 policy means that by default, you can only send messages to subscribers within 24 hours after the subscriber last interacted with your bot, + 1 additional message outside of the 24 hours.

After this period you are not able to send promotional messages but in order to send other non-promotional messages you must apply for the Subscription Messaging permission from Facebook.

Here are the steps below to do this.

1. Open your page in Facebook and navigate to the "Settings" tab.

2. From the left menu click "Messenger platform"

3. Scroll down to "Advanced messaging features" and click "Request"

4. You’ll have to choose what category your Page fits into in the application. From here, you have three options for sending subscription messages:

 - News
 - Productivity
 - Personal Tracking

You can provide additional details about the messages you are sending and how often you will send them.
If you are using Surveybot to primarily send surveys via messenger we recommend you give some suggestions on the context of your surveys, why you are sending them and how often you will be sending them to individual respondents.

5. Next you will need to give some examples of the messages you send in your page.
Using Surveybot for surveys, at a minimum we recommend you give an example of a "welcome message" that is sent at the beginning of your survey along with a question or two to show the types of questions you will be asking your respondents.

6. Confirm you won't be sending advertisements or promotional messages at the bottom and submit.

If your page is approved, you’ll see a green check next to Subscription Messaging in your Settings.

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