As of December 16 Facebook has introduced a number of changes to the Facebook Messenger API as part of their work to comply with new EU Privacy regulations.

Not everyone is affected by the changes in fact it is only if you are using Facebook pages that meet any of the following criteria:

  • The Facebook page connected to your bot is based in Europe

  • The Facebook page connected to your bot has admin(s) in Europe

  • Your Facebook Messenger bot interacts or will interact with any users based in Europe

If you don't meet any of this criteria then you don't need to worry about any of the recent changes Facebook has made.

If you do have Facebook pages you are using with Surveybot to send surveys then you will need to know that the features below may not function as expected:



Previewing surveys

Previewing surveys uses links which aren't supported but see the Survey links state below.

Survey links / Facebook widgets

Links are not supported however we have seen for some pages they still work with non-eu respondents.

Panel campaigns

You will no longer be able to directly send surveys to your respondents.

Facebook post campaigns

Linking to the survey in your Facebook posts is not supported, however launching the survey by commenting on the post is still supported.

Sponsored message campaigns

Not supported

Video and Audio messages

Sending these messages in your survey is no longer supported.

Facebook Ad campaigns

Still supported but you can no longer optimize Ad campaigns for "conversations" or "leads"

Facebook has said that they are working to bring back these features but they are restricted in the meantime. Here at Surveybot we're optimistic that Facebook will bring back most of the functionality that has been restricted above.

We'll keep you updated as we learn more and if Facebook makes any further updates to their functionality.

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